Home Based Business – Building Credibility

The home based business market has a lot of people just having a go to see if it works. Now to create credibility in the market place you must offer value in your business. Building up the credibility of your home based business takes time and effort, but by starting out with a good strategy for creating a strong reputation you can ensure long term success.The most important thing is if you are new to the market or business the same thing applies when you are buying a product and service. Would you buy from you or buy your product or service?Also when deal with enquires your credibility will be effected by the speed of your response. Also if your business is online then it is safe to assume that 80% of the people looking at your site will not buy the first time they site your site, so it is important that you capture their details with an offer giving them something of value.People would expect to hear from you within two to three days of an enquiry, so it is important to stay in touch. You can do this via phone or email. Is it all about keeping the communication lines open!
When advertising your home based business; there is another part of building credibility for your home based business. This means you always tell the truth about your product and service in your home based business advertising. Consumers today are very savvier than ever about advertising and don’t respond to exaggerated claims. And the other danger of overselling your home based business is that you won’t be able to deliver on your promises, manage people expectations make sure what you tell them is true and not to make false promises.This is deadly to any one in business your reputation. If you cannot deliver what you I promise, then people won’t trust you and if they wont trust you they won’t buy from you. They will in tun tell others, so if you tell your home based business customers that you will deliver 24/7, and then deliver 24/7.

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